Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Friends from Overseas

On the 14th we enjoyed the privilege of hosting a dinner for the Royal Oak Foundation who are the American branch of the National Trust.
Our visitors were treated to an "access all areas" tour of the house ending with champagne and canapes at the foot of the Grand Staircase.
As the sun set across the park, the doors to the Square Dining Room were opened to reveal the beautifully arranged interior set for dinner.
The dining room is rarely used and it was a real treat to see the reactions of the visitors, it is a particularly atmospheric room especially when lit by candles.
A delicious dinner was served by property staff and volunteers all of which was cooked and prepared by our own property cooks Elaine Scammell and Ashley Groves.

I don't think anyone could have enjoyed it more !

Utter Pandemonium

The 1st of September was certainly one to remember for Petworth House and its neighbouring properties !
We hosted a fun afternoon event entitled Pandemonium in the Park designed as a team building event for ourselves as well as our neighbours.
Challengers were issued with three challenges: Brainiac- researching and following a series of clues around the town Crafty - creating the perfect tea tray, which involved making each component and Sporty - our G.P.S challenge which took competitors to the far reaches of the 700 acre park.
Mercifully the sun shone brightly and a fantastic time was had by all - especially the winners who recieved a huge hamper of vintage sweets !