Samuel the spaniel

Hi, I’m Samuel the spaniel and I live at Petworth House (can you spot me in the picture above?). The people who work here have kindly let me start writing for this blog so I can share all my adventures with you.
You can tell whenever it's me writing a blog post because I have my own special font - this one! 

Spaniels have lived here for many years, we were the favourite pet of the 3rd Earl of Egremont and you can see my great great great great great grandfather sitting at his feet in some of the paintings in the house. You might also recognise me from the children’s multimedia tour you can hire, I show you round some of the rooms.
I’ve inspired a lot of new things this year, have you seen our newspaper The Petworth House Spaniel? It has all the latest news, views, events and even recipes in it. I’ve got my own page with special spaniel games in every issue so make sure you pick up a copy. 
There is also a new game in the house, eight of my excitable friends have escaped and are hiding in some of the rooms. See if you can find them when you visit!
I'd love to hear from some of you so do please leave a comment or ask me a question.

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