Friday, 1 June 2012

Red, white and… green!

Not only are the visitor receptions and courtyard looking lovely with their jubilee bunting, the park is also sporting some decoration in the form of a giant ‘60’ mowed into the side of Lawn Hill, overlooking the house and the lake.

Our talented garden team created the shapes using two pegs, some string and a method that’s often known as the gardeners’ ellipse to get the shapes right…

Place two pegs vertically in the centre of where you want the ‘0’ then attach a loose circle of string stretching around both pegs.  Then use chalk to pull the sting taught so it forms a triangle.

Finally keeping the string taught move your chalk around both pegs and you should have an ellipse (oval).

For the ‘6’ Gary our head gardener used a similar method for the ellipse at the bottom then employed the good old technique of standing back a shouting instructions to the rest of the team positioning the pegs for the top half. We’ve all been out to have a look at their handiwork before the reign arrives (sorry) and can confirm it looks fit for a Queen!

Samuel says: ‘I’ve already seen lots of people and dogs having their photo taken by it during my daily walkies in the park, so make sure you come and see it over the weekend.’


  1. looks great, well done Gary and co

  2. Great "cutting edge" garden team I have enjoyed working with for 20yrs and would happily join them again, but am now retired in USA. Miss Petworth House, Park and Gardens its a great place to be! Brian (Graverbird).


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