Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hi all, Samuel the spaniel here! As it’s raining today I thought  I’d let you know about the Treasure Chests located inside the house, they're especially for children (but I’ve seen lots of ‘big kids’ having a go too). There are six chests and each is filled with a fun activity, for example in the Red Room you can design your own miniature room, complete with chairs, tables, a piano and even paintings to hang on the walls! I think this one is my favourite. 

Another popular chest (or in this case wardrobe) is in the North Gallery. Specially made costumes inspired by some of the portraits in the gallery hang in the wardrobe, children are invited to dress up then find themselves in a painting. Once found children can then pose for pictures next to their masterpiece counterparts. Why not send the pictures to us and we’ll put them on the blog?

I’ve only given you a sneak preview into two of the boxes, there are still four more ‘OPEN ME’ treasure chests waiting in the house, come and have a look for yourself Saturday-Wednesday!  

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