Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It was pandemonium!

Hi all, Samuel here! I learnt a new word this week – ‘pandemonium’. Do you know what it means? Sadly it has nothing to do with pandas; it’s another word for chaos and describes a place or situation that is noisy or chaotic. It also describes last Thursday at Petworth House.

Teams from neighbouring National Trust places and other local attractions came for 'Pandemonium' a day of activities and team building. The seven teams took part in three different challenges...  

The Park challenge – a race around the parkland collecting materials to make a Sudan chair, which was then used to carry a team mate to the finish line. It looked like jolly hard work.

The Craft challenge - to recreate an object from the house in a mystery material, these included leaves, rice and biscuits! 

The Mental challenge – using historical records to trace current title holders.

The day finished with a BBQ in the courtyard and the presentation of the prizes – congratulations to the Petworth Portfolio team for winning the box of vintage sweets! (I had a good sniff, but I think I’ll stick to dog biscuits). 

Here's a few more of my pictures from the day.

Chairs from the park challenge

 A few of the Petworth team with their masterpiece - made out of biscuits!

 Judging the craft challenge.

You can also see pictures from last year here

Which challenge would you like to have taken part in?

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