Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Samuel’s half-term inspiration

There's only a few days left until half-term so I've tracked down three of the best fun, family things to do at Petworth next week!

(And good news for parents - did you know, while the house is closed and until the 13th March you can come into the Pleasure Grounds, Coffee Shop and Gift Shop for free?)

1. Become an artist
We are nearly sold out of tickets to our Turner’s Sussex exhibition but Land, Sea and Sky an exhibition by Petworth Primary School is free and you can even create your own masterpiece in our ‘Creative Corner’ afterwards. I’d be honoured if you included me in your picture, I do spend a lot of time in the land around Petworth, not so much in the sea though as it’s a bit wet for my liking and reminds me too much of bath time.

2. Be a nature explorer
Even with only two legs you humans seem to make pretty good explorers, so why not walk around the lake in the park – at around 1.5 miles it’s just the right length and there’s plenty of wildlife to spot. Look out for geese, ducks and other birds, frogs and of course our herd of fallow deer! Top tip - don't forget to look up in the sky, you could spot a hunting bird of prey like this one...

3. Forest of Enchantment, Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th February, 
11am–12.30pm or 2pm-3.30pm
I was very surprised to find a forest inside our Learning studio this week; the Petworth fairies have been hard at work decorating the room with leaves and sparkly things! Apparently young fairies and pixies can come along to make fairy wings, wands and mini woodland houses. As it's a special workshop you'll need to book on 01798 342207, £5 per child. Don't forget to come dressed up, for a spaniel I look surprisingly good in fairy wings.

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