Thursday, 8 August 2013

Time for adventure this summer holiday

Soaking up the sunshine or running in the rain? There's plenty to do at Petworth House and Park this summer holidays, whatever the weather!

Hi all, Samuel the Spaniel here! I am very excited to tell you about all the fun things you can do here at Petworth House and Park during the summer holidays. Woodland trails, treasure buckets, spot the spaniel, dressing up, story-telling, and much more.

AT THE SHEPHERDS HUT (by the house car park)

Squirrel Away Trail
Calling all young visitors! My best friend Nutty the squirrel has moved house somewhere in the Pleasure Grounds, but I don't know where to find her. I think that the wooden animals know more than they are letting on about her whereabouts. Will you go and find all eight wooden animals, and then hopefully you will know enough to find Nutty's new house. I really am lost without her, so please do come and let me know where she is.

£3 per trail, including a small prize to squirrel away

Doesssss the sssssnake know more than he issssss letting on?
Treasure Buckets
Water colour sets, giant Jenga, giant snakes and ladders, bats and balls, skipping ropes, and much more! I've decided to let you all use lots of my favourite toys, so do come to the Shepherds Hut and hire a free family treasure bucket!


Treasure Chests
Miniature rooms, dressing up outfits, giant jigsaws, and.... Well, I won't give away all our secrets, but nearly every room in the house contains a box filled with exciting activities based around the history of the room and its objects. Remember the house is closed on Thursdays and Fridays. Let me know which treasure chest is your favourite and I might even reveal my favourite.

Spot the Spaniel
There are 8 little spaniels hidden around the house, see if you can spot them all! You even get an amazing sticker with me on it once you've spotted them all. Petworth House is open from Saturday to Wednesday.

Alice - an Extraordinary Adventure
Come and watch Heartbreak Productions bring Alice - an Extraordinary to life in the Pleasure Grounds! You'd have to be barking mad to miss out.
Adult £12, Child £6 

Click here to book

50 Things and Wild Time Challenge
Join me at Petworth Park and start ticking off those 50 things. Those kind folk at the National Trust have set you a 'Wild-time challenge' - complete 25 or more of the 50 Things in the 6 weeks of the summer holidays and win a free family pass and a chance to star and direct your very own nature film! I'd love to be a film star, maybe I should enter.

Some of our ancient trees are perfecting for ticking off number #22 Explore inside a tree

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