Monday, 7 October 2013

Somerset's Secrets

We've been opening up closed doors again for our most recent Conservation in Action -  and indeed, the last one of the season!

This time, Michelle and I focused on the two desks in the Somerset Room, giving visitors the opportunity to see inside the pieces, and find out how we care for them.

This writing table Boulle pewter and tortoiseshell inlays, looks to be the work of Gerrit Jensen, who worked 1680-1715, although it is stamped by Charles-Michel Cochois, a later cabinet maker who died in 1765. It is absolutely stunning on the interior!

We clean out each of the drawers with a soft pony-hair brush to lift the dust away.

This will be the last of my blog posts this season on our Conservation in Action events, as they have now come to an end! We have greatly enjoyed showing our visitors how we care for the house, whether through pest management, environmental control, or cleaning techniques.

This November we will be running special snapshot tours of the house, where you can meet some the conservation team and find out how we care for the collections over the winter. Look out for information on the website. We hope to see you there!

Conservation Assistant

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