Friday, 27 May 2011

Fan Mail

I have been a member of the NT for a number of years and regularly visit your properties, but i was compelled after my visit to Petworth to drop you a mail just to say how fantastic a property it is, and in particular how it felt particularly well managed with regards to the visitor experience. I visited on saturday the 13th and the experience was one to remember. Even on the first day of the season the staff were managing the inevitable teething issues with ease.
The ability to walk around the house almost unhindered made the experience so immersive – It was a joy to be able to use your new guide and simple walk about at my leisure. Often at properties I find the “roped off” areas somehow impact on my connection with the house. But at Petworth that was not the case at all. Such a stunning property and one that is so well managed.
The new ipod based guide, whilst there were some technical glitches (i provided feedback to your team at the time), was brilliant. Specifically the commentary was the correct length so as to allow me to gain enough information without it being too much. the voice acting was engaging and the quality of the production excellent. the ability to navigate via the house map was particularly useful. and the ability to pick the areas i want to hear more about in each room meant that I could easily select areas of interest without having to wade through information i did not want. I am sure that once the glitches have been ironed out this will be a superb tool.
Please pass my thanks to anyone who is interested. The property is a jewel in the NT (and UK) crown.
Thank you

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