Monday, 23 July 2012

It was certainly an experience!

Hello everyone, Samuel the Spaniel here! This week I’ve been following Ellie Foster on her adventures while she’s been doing her work experience with us at Petworth House. Ellie is from Bishop Luffa School in Chichester.

Our week started with the Olympic Torch Relay passing across the West Front of Petworth House - a very exciting and unique first day of work! Since then we have had experience of several different areas both in front of house and behind the scenes, I took her on a tour of the house and park as well as going up to the attics to see where the servants would have stayed all those years ago. She then went up onto the roof to see the beautiful view, something I’ve never been brave enough to do before! 

 The view from the roof

On Wednesday morning we helped out in the shop, cleaning shelves and collecting new stock; and then on Thursday I watched on as Ellie got absorbed in cleaning and conservation in the House and Historic Kitchens, hoovering, buffering and polishing as well as moving some very heavy silverware. I would have got involved myself, but I’m far better at making muddy paw prints than I am at cleaning! 

 Judy our Conservation Assitant doing some hoovering

In the afternoon we helped the staff set up for the volunteer’s summer party, which I heard was pretty wild! I helped Ellie to turn the restaurant into an indoor street party and had a good sniff of all the different puddings that the volunteers had brought in, all in the name of research you understand! I did try to stay awake for the party but I was such a tired spaniel that I must have fallen asleep and missed it, at one point though I could have sworn that I heard loud Rock 'n' Roll music coming from the Square Dining Room but I’m sure it must have just been a dream! 

 Maria a member of the Volunteer Steering Group putting up the bunting for the indoor street party!

It’s been a very exciting, tiring and busy week for us and I’m sure Ellie will join me in thanking everyone who helped to make it so great.

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