Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Olympic Torch comes to Petworth House

Hi all, Samuel here. I’m a very tired spaniel today, because yesterday we had a very exciting morning as the Olympic Torch Relay passed across the West Front of Petworth House! We even made the local news; have a look at some of the fantastic pictures...

    Torchbearer Sara Tremlett pauses for a photo on her way to the West Front

Lord and Lady Egremont watch the torch approach, as the crowds cheer

      The exchange and photo opportunity in front of the house

Despite the slightly damp conditions, over 1,500 school children from 14 local schools came to celebrate the historic day with us. Lots of fun and excitement was had by all who attended, especially during our world record attempt for the ‘largest gathering of people blowing grass trumpets’! The noise was tremendous – well done to all those who practiced in advance.

You can make a grass trumpet simply by placing a blade of grass between your thumbs and blowing through the middle. I can’t demonstrate as unfortunately it’s not possible to do with paws!

 The children (and adults) showcasing their grass trumpet skills

We should hear in 4-6 weeks if we have set a new world record so watch this space. After the attempt several schools braved the rain and stayed to hold races in the park.

Do send me your pictures if you saw the torch, I'd love to see them.

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