Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An unusual thank you

We’re always grateful for the kind letters, emails, tweets and comments we receive from visitors and usually these relate to the great day they’ve had with us, but this week it was a thank you of a slightly different nature...

Yesterday we received some lovely cakes and a card from a member of the public, not praising an enjoyable day out, but for helping her when she suddenly became ill whilst driving and pulled into our Car Park.
‘To the ladies and gentlemen of Petworth House ticket office. Thank you all so much for your help and kindness last Sunday. I apologise for the disruption but am greatly appreciative of your assistance. I would also like to say an extra big thank you to your first aid officer (Geoff) for holding my hand throughout!’

We’re so proud of the quick action and first aid skills of our Visitor Reception team who looked after her and called an ambulance, whilst dealing with the large number of visitors we get on a weekend. We’re also proud that both our and the National Trust’s reputation meant she knew we’d be a safe place to stop for help.

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