Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Artist still in residence

Hi all, Samuel here. I promised you an update on our artist in residence, Wendy Norris who is currently copying a painting in the Marble Hall, and here it is… 

(you can find out all about the project and see the first pictures here)

Isn’t it coming along nicely? I did offer to help out and do a few strategically placed paw prints, but apparently that’s not quite the look Stowe School are after. I also suggested it could be improved with the addition of a handsome spaniel sitting next to George Grenville, but sadly my creative genius isn’t always appreciated.

You can see how the layers of paint have built up and are now far more like the original. It’s also a great chance to see how the original painting might have looked over 200 years ago, before the pigments had darkened and George Grenville started looking a bit grey and ghostly.

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